I've recently started a new job programming in C# and have made a few tweaks to my Visual Studio setup that I thought I'd share. Sublime Text has been my main editor for the past 5 years and I'm a huge fan of the color scheme, so I installed a theme that mimics Sublime Text within Visual Studio 2012: How to install a custom theme if you haven't before (Blog Post by Al Nyveldt) I have also installed the following Visual Studio Extensions: GuidInserter2... Read more
Today I'm going to show you how to add the Payment Method of an order to the default Orders view that Drupal Commerce creates (located at [YOUR DOMAIN]/admin/commerce/orders). The module you will need besides Drupal Commerce, Drupal Commerce Orders, and Drupal Commerce Payment is: views_field_view -- allows us to embed a View within a View   Block creation After downloading and enabling views_field_view, open the default Orders view that is created by Drupal Commerce.  I was using Commerce VBO... Read more
I built a mini PC last night that is going to run XBMC in my living room.  Took a time-lapse of it, and thought I'd share!
Follow these steps to get product attributes showing up on the cart and order pages of your Drupal Commerce site. Before completing the following steps, download and enable the Commerce Product Attributes module.  I'm not sure if you need Display Suite for this, but I have it on my site. Navigate to the "Manage Display" tab of your Commerce Product.  Note:  We are making changes to the actual Commerce Product type, not the Product Display!   Scroll down and select the "Custom display settings... Read more
I just found my final from a Bioshock class I took a few years back in college, and thought I'd make a blog post out of it.  The questions had to do with relating Bioshock to Ayn Rand's life and philosophy, and the growing complexity of our world via the Sleeper Curve. Question 2: The outcome of Bioshock is guided by the moral choices you make throughout the game, mainly focusing on the rescuing or harvesting of the Little Sisters.  The world around you acts differently based upon your actions... Read more
I made this tutorial today after I finally figured out how to get all of these pieces working together.  Hopefully this helps a few people out!
I'm going to show you how to set up a Rule within Drupal Commerce that will tell the system to send an email to a customer when their order status has been changed.  For this to work you will need the following modules: Drupal Commerce (obviously) Rules PHP filter Once you've enabled these modules, let's navigate to Configuration -> Workflow -> Rules.  Click on the "Add a new rule" link in the top left, and create a Rule with the following parameters: Events After updating an existing... Read more
Modules you will need Commerce Flat Rate Commerce Shipping Enable Shipping UI sub-module as well Rules Commerce Rules Extra Inline Conditions Follow these steps Navigate to Store -> Configuration -> Shipping -> Flat rate -> Add a flat rate service Fill out the fields on this page, click save, and you will have your flat rate service created Now navigate to Configuration -> Workflow -> Rules -> Components Find the Rule that pertains to the flat rate service you just added... Read more
Today we're going to take an in-depth look at how to create a fairly robust product catalog, in Drupal Commerce, with Views. Before we get started, I would just like to clarify exactly what content we are working with during this tutorial.  We are going to be building a View of Product Displays, not a View of actual Commerce products.  Commerce products are not nodes within Drupal!  Commerce products need to be grouped together inside of what's called a Product Display (a content type). Let's... Read more
This is something handy I've been using for a while when developing Drupal sites, and I thought I'd share it!  We're basically going to be adding a small function to our site, that is going to print out the current user's role as a class, on the <body> tag.  The snippet I'm going to share will work with Drupal 7 sites that are running the Omega theme (or using a subtheme of the Omega base theme). You will need to open up your theme's template.php file (usually located at sites/all/themes... Read more