I just picked up the Hauppauge "HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition" the other day, and it took me a bit of troubleshooting to get it working with my PS4.  I'm going to explain the steps I took in order to get everything working smoothly. Plug in the power for both your PS4, and the HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition (hereafter referred to as the HDPVR2) BEFORE GOING ANY FURTHER DO THIS! You need to first connect your PS4 to your TV like you regularly would, and navigate to Settings -> System. From here, you... Read more
Today I'm going to walk you through how to set up a current song ticker for your stream, using a free program called Snip, Spotify, and the wonderful Open Broadcast Software. Inital steps Download Snip Unzip the .rar file into a directory where you can find it -- I unzipped mine into Program Files/Snip Navigate to wherever you unzipped the file, and run Snip.exe   Adding current song to OBS stream Open OBS Create a new Scene (right click within white Scenes box, choose Add Scene), or left... Read more
Today I’m going to teach you how to stream your gameplay using an amazing program called XSplit.  XSplit is an application that allows you to control exactly what your viewer sees, from your ugly mug on a webcam to custom graphics overlaid on top of your favorite games. There is a free version of XSplit that streams with a watermark at a restricted framerate/resolution.  If you are thinking about streaming semi-high quality footage, you’ll need to pick up either a Personal or Premium license(... Read more
PyroCMS is an awesome, open-source CMS (it says so on their website, so it has to be true right?).  I’ve been working with Pyro for the last week and a half and I feel like I have a decent understanding of how this system ranks up against the big three (WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal).  I will be walking you through some of Pyro’s high and low points, and finishing up this post with an overall rating of Pyro. Access Control Lists Access Control Lists are handled fairly well by Pyro.  By Access... Read more